The application aims to use an innovative technological tool to help learners and tomorrow’s citizens to succeed.

The application is simple-to-use, extremely realistic, immersive, Ultra High Definition (Ultra HD) and has enhanced content, all of which makes for a unique and unforgettable user experience.

Augmented Virtual Reality Light Applications 360 immersive Ivan DINH CLIC and WEB

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Beautiful and realistic Application

The high visual quality of the application creates a strikingly realistic experience while also giving the user a wonderful feeling of escape.

Light Application

The application can be used online from a simple internet browser, without downloading. Owners of the visit can also use their lite applications off-line on their devices using an internet browser.

Interoperable Application

The Application can be accessed from any multimedia platform: it is compatible with virtual reality headsets, such as the Oculus Go®, smartphones, tablets and computers.

360-degree immersive Application

When using a virtual reality headset, users experience total visual immersion and feel as though they are really in the space they are exploring virtually. Users can also explore the application without a headset, using a tablet or smartphone fitted with a gyroscope. They simply move the tablet or smartphone up, down and about 360 degrees to operate the visit. Users can also explore by touch, without the gyroscope. On a computer, the 360-degree immersive application can be operated by swivelling the panorama in any direction using the mouse.

Augmented application

Enhanced content (text, images, audio tracks and videos) provides the high quality information users need to understand the spaces they are exploring.

Ultra High Definition Application

Each 360-degree visit consists of around 400 megapixels, which means the zoom creates spectacular movement effects.